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A visitor searches a directory for a product or service that they will purchase in person.

The customer buys from a member business.

Cash Back
The member business pays WTCB, Inc. a commission for every member purchase, and WTCB, Inc. pays the member and the directory.


The WTCB system is focused on helping merchants obtain additional / repeat business, AND helping directories monetize visitors when they buy in person with any form of payment (including cash and checks)! 

Examples of the types of businesses that would benefit from our programs are:

  • Restaurants
  • Rental companies
  • Professional services (i.e. automotive repair, accounting firms, tax preparers, etc.)
  • Hotels
  • Shuttle services
  • Gift shops
  • Jewelry shops
  • Tour companies
  • Travel agencies
  • Vacation rentals
  • Shopping centers
  • Department store
  • Electronic stores
  • Wedding event planners
  • Golf courses
  • Excursions
  • Spas, and more...

 Directory Benefits:

•    Turn free listings into revenue generators .

•    Significantly Increased Monetization of Directory Website Traffic

•    Increase website stickiness

•    Generate income on purchases made offline

•    Cash purchases are not a problem!  The system tracks ALL forms of payment.

•    Visitor will be encouraged to buy from other registered listings because of the WTCB Loyalty Feature.  Visitor awards are automatically graduated based on purchase volume.

•    Ability to analyze buyers and merchant sales data

 Merchant Benefits:

•    New Customers

•    Easy implementation - No devices to purchase, card readers to install, and no need to change your existing systems

•    Cash purchases are not a problem!  The system tracks ALL forms of payment

•   The opportunity to improve their overall service due to the feedback they will receive from our customer reviews that our members can access in our portal.

•    Your business can also obtain its own website and email accounts with your own domain (i.e., tacosdepaco.com.mx).

•    Revenue enhancement capabilities (Our tracking and awards system can create new sources of revenue for our members)

•    Receive sales reports so you can analyze purchase data

•    You only pay a commission when our members buy from you

•    Easy implementation - No devices to purchase, card readers to install, and no need to change your existing systems

Solution Options

#1 - Cash Back & Awards Tracking Application for Existing Directories

The program is simple:

1. You allow your existing merchant listings and new listings to register with the awards tracking system, promising they will only pay if you send them a paying client.

2. Once you have enough businesses registered that will make your program appealing to visitors, we can offer the cash back program to your website visitors.

Note: Visitors will also register with our tracking system, and they will be able to access the system from your website.  Premium install allows both merchants and visitors to register at your directory.

3. Once the members are registered they can buy from your listed businesses on location and our system will track all in person purchases and the awards levels of every member.

4. Businesses pay WTCB monthly, and we pay your directory and the customer member when they redeem.

5. WTCB handles all accounts receivable and payable functions including awards administration.

#2 - List Your Business in One of Our Directories

If you have a business that offers products and services to travelers, and you would like to increase sales by being listed in one of our performance based directories, then this solution is for you.

The system is easy, you list your business, we promote your add offine and online using SEO tools and traffic generating methods.  When members of the directories purchase from you, you pay a percentage of total sales once per month.

  • Simply click our partners link below, and complete the registration process to become listed.
  • There are typically free listing levels and paid levels.  All listings are required to pay a commission for each confirmed sale made by a visitor from the directory.

See Partners for a list of participating directories.

#3 - Web 2.0 Directory with Cash Back & Awards Tracking System

WTCB would install a Web 2.0 directory that is fully functional and integrated with our cash back tracking application.

1. The directory will be able to indicate whether a listing is participating in the program or not.  So you do not have to worry about 100% participation.

2. It will also be able to register your visitors and merchants in an easy interface accessible from the directory.

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